I am the river and I see you. I watching you. I'm wondering.
Who are you tiny?
Do you neglect me, dirty me, pollute me, do you violate my privacy?
Who are you tiny?
You were born from water, you were born in water, you are 60% water. You drink the water, you swim in the water, you sail on the water. You just want water. You need water and you contaminate my soul.
You are careless, uneducated, selfish, imbecile. You are stupid and mediocre.
I look at you, you hurt me.
Eat your cigarette butts and your plastic and don't throw them on my mirror.
Keep your pesticides on your plate and don't put them in my bed.
Do not inject your gray and black waters into my water veins.
Far from my sight stay. You are a human plague.
You are destructive with no future.
Nature does not like a vacuum. You are empty. You will disappear.
I don't love you anymore.