Ballesta Laurent

A magician from the depths.
Dessaigne Jean Paul

An exceptional creator of artificial flies and photographer in love with Nature.
Gouguenheim Yannick…

A passionate at the heart of fresh waters.

Jean Louis Teyssié's website dedicated to lovers of fly fishing and fly tying.
Masson Rémi

Photographer diver.
Monnier Anne Cécile…

Passionate underwater biologist-photographer.
Nery Guillaume

A divine.

The reference site for Riviera underwater photography. The underwater image dedicated to environmental protection.
Starosta Paul

Paul Starosta, naturalist photographer specializes in scientific and animal macro photography.

I have worked for years with Carole and Gilles Vanlerberghe professional photographers. Serious, efficient, perfectionist, they take photographs on numerous mediums of size and quality. The prints can also be delivered framed on request.
Thierry Rolland…

Underwater photography in freshwater.
Vernier Rémi flyfishing guide in Lozère (France Center)

Rémi is from the center of Lozère, the French department with the least population of human beings but the most dense in rivers. He is a discreet man who knows his aquatic ecosystems. It offers simple services, dressed in truths in direct contact with Nature. He doesn't cheat. No big catches of trout with photo with the support hands in front but many small wild trout in even wilder settings all in no-kill. Discreet, respectful, committed, Rémi shares his local knowledge with fishermen who are sensitive to the beauty of the landscapes and to the discovery of truths.
Vizl Christian…

A great figure in underwater photography.