High mountain lakes were refuges of historical and even prehistoric biodiversity. These biodiversity are fragile because they are located in ecosystems with extreme parameters. The summer season is short in the high mountains and everything was organized according to this temporal pattern to survive. Little food production, a lot of energy requirements to resist extreme cold, the living beings of HML have adapted for millions of years to these extreme conditions and to the numerous climatic changes since the dawn of our time. They survived.

But...for several hundred years, shepherds have introduced salmonids into these lakes to feed on during the summer pastures. These fish have destroyed endemic species and generated destabilized ecosystems that have become biodiversity deserts. It was then necessary to introduce food for these salmonids so that they could survive and get through the harsh winters. Then appears fishing over-tourism with intensive dumping of forage fish (minnows) to feed trout, char, brook salmon, cristivomers and satisfy the increasingly demanding summer fishermen. These forage fish devoured whatever was left in terms of endemic biodiversity.

Poor fisheries management, over-fishing for recreation, and overcrowding of fragile ecosystems by tourists are destructive of high mountain biodiversity. Overtourism generates organic and inorganic pollution through ecological neglect. The waters of HML are now polluted by cyanobacteria, endocrine disruptors in sun creams, fishermen's weights, nano-fibers in mountain clothing, ski waxes, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides carried by the winds, rain, snow, faeces, urine, medicinal derivatives from human beings, too many herds of sheep, cows, waste left behind, by bathers who trample everything, etc.
The extreme mountain becomes dirty through incivility and ecological a-culturism. Climate change, plastic rain and snow and Chernobyl radionuclides accentuate the negative pressures on these fragile ecosystems.

We are losing our memory of our times. The high mountain lake was his last refuge.

It’s too bad.