Fabulous, emotional, the particle people are beautiful in their ugliness. Courageous, proud and standing under the pressure of the waterfalls, the particle people have been filtering the river for two hundred and fifty-one million years. Colloids, organic snow, micro and nano pollutants including plastics are captured in the silks of simulids. They offer us drinking water at a lower cost. Diptera, water keepers, incessant and anonymous cleaners, protectors of the quality of the aquatic environment, they are ignored by everyone except the buttocks of the canyonneurs. A few years of playful activities are enough to impact millions of years of evolution and adaptation to extreme conditions: illustration of an eco-civic unconsciousness, ignorance or selfishness. Shame to sit on a millennial heritage. The tranquil simulid has disappeared since time immemorial, taking with it the transparent waters of its dreams.