Fario or brown trout have been the elegant of our rivers for millions of years. Their star dress designed by natural pressures, save it from their predators and embellish it over the generations. There are those who raise their heads to observe the stars and others who plunge into forty centimeters of water to discover haute couture. The fario trout is little known to the public. It’s a shame because it’s a great designer. It signs dresses that are all different from each other. Living dresses, chameleon dresses that adapt to the landscapes of rafts, pool and gorges. Red, orange, black dots, all stars on a muscle sky. Streaking then, the trouts carry in their fugues, the harmonies of the aquatic mimicry.
When trout coats speak, they tell the story of planet Earth. In Corsica, the different ornaments of salmonids translate their genetics, their biodiversity. On such a small island, there are many genetically different trouts which trace the successive invasions of the island of beauty by salmonids. Each time a story of climate, ice age, global warming where the Mediterranean Sea was sometimes dry, sometimes desalinated. The fish passed from the African or European continent to Corsica with specific genetics. The dress of the Corsican trouts explains the formation of the island.