Cousin of the frog, poisonous, viscous, the toad with blue or red eyes is an ally. More effective than insecticides, it cleans our countryside from mosquitoes and invasive slugs. Portrait of an ugly, despised and useful international amphibian. Despised by men, the toad is the frog witch. Ugly, sticky, fatty, swollen, pustular, it has everything to displease. But, it is a great anoure of love, a "good stroke" of fresh water which knows how to honor its Lady with beginnings, softness and pleasure for several days. He is a true romantic who croaks, whistles and flutes to charm the toads. The toad proliferates, so much the better, tadpoles, frogs disperse in all the ponds to ignite the larvae of harmful insects. Nocturnal adults roam the forests and gardens to devour snails, slugs, terrestrial insects. Without a toad, pests swarm.
Symbol of water, it commands rain in Vietnam, the Middle East and South America. He’s also a devil whose poisonous skin can kill a cat, a dog. Only the owl, the crow, the snake are immune to their toxic skin. The poor evil toad has two types of venom. The first smelling mushroom causes the predator to numb, the second a whitish liquid kills it. The venom glands are located behind the toxic red eyes of toads.