Ignored by everyone, they are essential for rivers eco-equilibrium, maintaining them and ensuring drinking water. Who knows the small scales of our rivers? The sculpin, the stud, the loach, the blageon, the turgan, the spirlin, the bleak and the famous golden minnow are cousins ​​and all of the family of fodder fish at the base of food chains. Without them, no predators and no perch fillets, pike dumplings or almond trout on your plates! Without them, no more clean rivers. Burrowers, detritivores, recyclers, they clean up sediments and actively participate in the dynamism of food chains. They recycle carbon in their structures and they make it available to the top predators we eat. The small scales disappear when the waters are polluted, stressed by white water sports, overfishing, climate change, chronic droughts, summer bathing dams. But whatever, they were not in the glory of men.